Let me tell you about a career that took off nicely: with an acknowledgment of ability, designation of staff, supportive peers, buy-in for strategic direction and job satisfaction . . . and then suddenly the economy fell! In order to compete globally, the organization’s senior leadership team decided to forge ahead in a new direction. This once-budding manager, feeling a little dejected, now has to contend with an abundance of other suitors, all possessing similar knowledge, skills, and abilities to either fight to hold on to a coveted position (security) or begin positioning for another seemingly fulfilling role.

We all know the working world is evolving; challenging those in its ranks not only to do more with less but to produce new and innovative ideas. Change is good, right? In discussing these circumstances with a friend, he mentioned receiving the Certified Manager designation. The inquiry went something like this: “What can a Certified Manager (CM) credential do for me, a mid-level manager who would like to advance along the managerial career track, and be recognized for the work done every day? How am I to compete?” My friend said it plainly: “Having the CM credential sets you apart from the pack. The program track covers a number of principles and processes you already use every day while giving you new tools to compete.

“There are three core areas: 1) Management Skills I: Foundations of Management, 2) Management Skills II: Planning and Organizing, and 3) Management Skills III: Leading and Controlling. The formal acknowledgment of the combination of educational achievement and hands-on experience by an educational institute [ICPM] appointed to safeguard the public interests assures that you possess the qualifications to perform a job or task. It would not be difficult — just motivating. You can get your certification in a relatively short period of time.”

I am very glad I listened, for attaining the Certified Manager credential presented the opportunity to have an independent organization vouch for my managerial knowledge, skills, and abilities. It also gave me a leg up on the competition. I am professionally validated with renewed spirits as I work in a new, more exciting role within my agency.

So, what about you? Won’t you join me? Start working on getting your Certified Manager (CM) credential today.