Whether posting sales offers on Twitter, promoting a business on Facebook, or connecting with new partners via LinkedIn, social media is a dynamic communication tool used by millions of businesses around the world.  These social media platforms provide a cost-effective way for businesses to communicate spontaneously with consumers and drive them to their products and services. While most businesses use social media to communicate externally, it is also an effective internal communications tool.  Here are 5 ways you can put social media to work right away to enhance internal company communications.

Create a company Facebook page for internal use

It’s 2017, and virtually everyone has a Facebook page. Take advantage of this trend by creating a company Facebook page where employees can go to find information on corporate news, events, job openings, promotions, retirements, and more.  With users averaging 50 minutes a day on Facebook, a company Facebook page offers a private, online space to consolidate internal communications and ensure employees remain informed.

Connect employees with a company LinkedIn group

The “group” feature of LinkedIn provides users worldwide with the opportunity to make professional connections online.  These connections can be external to the company or limited to internal employees with a company LinkedIn group.   A restricted group facilitates employee connections and ongoing interactions. Employees can also share professional content within this group, helping to fuel employee engagement and support employee development.

tweet to employees

Tweet time-sensitive employee information

With the capability to tweet publicly or privately, Twitter is an efficient way to communicate time-sensitive information to keep employees up-to-date.  Motivational articles, short videos, employee surveys, training opportunities, and more can be communicated by a tweet.  Tweets serve to motivate and inspire employees, and they increase employee engagement and productivity.

 Create a private YouTube channel to use as an archive

YouTube offers the perfect solution for archiving company media and materials for access anytime and anywhere. Create a  private YouTube channel or video playlist for company training videos, marketing materials, third party clips, etc. A private channel gives employees access to archived materials whether working from home, office, or a distant location.

Use Facebook Live to communicate in real-time

An internal company Facebook page can double as a real-time communication tool by using Facebook Live. This feature allows users to broadcast a live video and viewers to ask questions using the live chat feature. For example, an HR representative may use Facebook Live to announce an upcoming benefit change and answer employee questions in real-time.


Successful internal communications are key to a company’s success. These social media tips will help to enhance internal company communications and serve as a model for other businesses to follow.