Which of these apply to you—Is your career in a rut?  Are you struggling for professional recognition?  Are you short on time to acquire new knowledge and skills?  Are you short on money to pay for those skills?

If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding YES, you need to explore the benefits of Live Online Training.  New, different, and engaging, Live Online Training presents the career advancement opportunity that you have been waiting for.

Am I right for Live Online Training?

Learning, application, and discussion play major roles in education today, and they’re a big value in Live Online Training too. If you can make a small investment in yourself of an hour a day, once or twice a week–possibly your lunch hour–you can efficiently grow your skills and get started on advancing your career.

What’s so good about Live Online Training?

Learning is complex.  So much so that you retain only 10% of what you READ, 20% of what you HEAR, and 30% of what you SEE.  However, if you combine these in the design of Live Online Training, you can retain 50% of what you SEE and HEAR and 90% of what you DO.  Through short sessions, “chunking content,” and application of knowledge, Live Online Training speeds up the learning process and provides you with new skills that you can put to use right away.

Why is a virtual classroom better?

From the comfort of your desktop, using a home or office computer, you can easily access Live Online Training without the time or stress of traveling to a physical classroom.  You will enjoy all the benefits of a LIVE instructor, while sitting in your favorite chair in your own environment. If you happen to miss a session or want to review one again, no problem.  Recorded sessions can be viewed online at any time.

What is the return on investment?

For a fraction of the cost of a classroom program, you can enjoy this unique and interactive learning experience.  The time you invest in Live Online Training is minimized by learning efficiencies and online accessibility.  Your newly acquired skills will support career advancement that can return 100% of your investment or more—that’s a no cost solution!

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